Blue Whale Tax and Accounting are trusted advisers for our clients, we are privy to the inner workings of their businesses and the issues they face. As an outgrowth of the advice we offer on accounting and tax issues, many clients have turned to us for more strategic advice about their businesses. From issues as broad as acquisition financing to succession planning, we can help you navigate the increasingly choppy waters of today’s business climate.

Our clients appreciate the creative, strategic thinking we bring to their challenges and value the honest counsel we provide. In many cases, only a service provider with a deep, trusted relationship with a client has the credibility to tell them they may be wrong or to suggest a difficult business choice.

Business Consulting

  • Municipal Support
  • Fixed Asset Management
  • Business Registrations
  • Financial Statement Preparation or Review
  • VAT Compliance and Recovery
  • Annual Reports and Performance Reporting
  • Research and Technical Services
  • Change Management Support

Internal Audit

  • Internal Audit Policies
  • Risk Management
  • Combined Assurance Frameworks
  • Out-and Co-sourcing
  • Financial Reviews
  • Audit of Predetermined
  • Compliance Audits
  • Performance Audits